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Jack Nelson runs regular classes aimed to restore elegant, efficient and pain free movement in Beechworth.

These classes are aimed at the average person (you don't need to be flexible already), and with 3 different classes run each week, you're sure to find one to suit your needs.

This term of classes runs for 7 & 5 weeks (Tues & Wed respectively) from July 18th into September.

All you need to bring is an old towel (for padding under knees), a drink bottle and wear stretchy, comfortable clothes. Yoga mats, blocks bolsters and all other props provided.

If you would like to trial a class please call Jack (0419 505 853) to ensure space in a class.


Classes & Times

Tuesday Mornings

General Class(9:00am) - This class is suitable for most people. It focuses on giving the whole body a good stretch, including learning the "Daily 5" – stretches for a healthy and mobile spine. It incorporates some core and leg strength work for optimum back health & overall sense of well-being.

Spinal Health & Keeping Young(10:30am)- suitable for people who are noticing a decline in flexibility and less grace in their movement. Also for those who are recovering from injuries. This more gentle class has an emphasis on stretching comfortably. Class moves at a comfortable pace and has a greater emphasis on using props such as chairs, bolsters & balance sticks. Focusing on regaining functional movement, awakening the hips, shoulders and improving balance.

Wednesday Nights

Advanced Class (7:20pm) - This class is for YOU, if you have completed a course of the Beginner or General classes. It includes some deep and sometimes technical stretching with plenty of partner work to get the most from your stretch. Includes more intense core strengthening and moves at a faster pace than the other classes. *If you have experience in Pilates, Yoga or other Body movement then this could be for you* - Talk to Jack



As a farmer who has been active all my life I have found that these classes allow me to keep doing what I need to for work and what I love to do for play. Rob

Brilliant, I LOVE these classes. Feel balanced all week. Thank you so much. Annie

Great way to start the day. I walk out feeling 10cm taller. Ange

These classes form an integral part of my week and keep me feeling great! Beryl

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